About Planet Possibility


Planet Possibility is run by a team of consortium partners made up of universities, charities and private businesses. Together, these organisations boast vast experience in the areas of diversity, inclusion, engaging with young people, STEM, physics, careers and digital projects. They are:

  • The University of Southampton
  • The University of Birmingham
  • AllAboutGroup
  • Future First 
  • The Blair Project

The consortium will run programmes that focus on building a physics network in schools and universities. These will achieve a number of aims, including to:

  • Provide a greater breadth of young people with access to physics specialists and role models;
  • Provide greater support for physics teachers;
  • Encourage and develop talent into academic physics and physics-based careers.

Underpinned by a bespoke digital platform, the consortium plans to expand its reach through events, webinars, content, games, guides, jobs, work experience, mentoring and other tools and channels to help create a flourishing physics community. 

Planet Possibility is funded by the Institute of Physics’ (IOP) Challenge Fund to help deliver against the IOP’s strategic aim of improving the diversity of people doing physics in education, research and industry.