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The University of Birmingham is ranked amongst the world’s top 100 institutions. Its work brings people from across the world to Birmingham, including researchers, teachers and more than 6,500 international students from over 150 countries.

Physics Champions

Through Planet Possibility, we aim to help solve the STEM skills shortage through creating annual cohorts of aspirational role models for future generations and growing the pipeline of scientists and engineers through raising awareness, visibility and interest in both the impact of physics in the world and demonstrating the variety of training, education and careers open to physicists. 

We will co-create an accessible and inclusive programme with under-represented groups in the sector to establish, and grow over time, a broad, diverse and energising network of Physics Champions.

We will be maintaining our network with each Champions cohort as they graduate from the Academy with the aim of continuing to challenge the status quo in the sector, and we hope to soon see an increase of world-class physics education and training to people, regardless of their background.

We will establish an annual cohort of Physics Champions from across our student and researcher body with a specific focus on early career researchers/PhD students in optics and photonics and underrepresented groups in the sector. Through training, coaching and investment we aim to create a generation of excellent and influential physics communicators, who will inform and shape public dialogue around the key role of physics in identifying and solving societal challenges such as healthcare, climate change and cybersecurity.

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