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Every student from every walk of life deserves to thrive. It can be hard for a young person to imagine life after school or college. They need someone like them to inspire and guide them. Past students. Role models in accessible apprenticeships and jobs. Future First is the only UK education charity connecting state school and college pupils, of all backgrounds and abilities, to former students they can truly relate and aspire to.

About Future First

Our mission is to see every state school and college supported by a thriving and engaged alumni community, which improves students’ motivation, confidence and life chances.

Future First provides schools and colleges with the technology, tools and support needed to mobilise their past pupil networks. Alumni can support the whole school community and delivery of school improvement plans, including meeting Gatsby Benchmarks, Baker Clause and PHSE goals.

For too many young people, their start in life is limiting their future. They do not have access to relatable role models to help them understand what they can achieve, nor the networks, knowledge and tools to help them to get there.

Alumni can act as relatable role models, showing students a world beyond their current experience and expectations: a future that could be theirs.

Overview of the programme

Using the power of relatable role models - and our deep expertise of building, activating and engaging state school alumni networks - Future First will deliver the Future First Infinity programme to show young people the wide ranging benefits of studying Physics. Through alumni-led, in-school workshops, virtual work experience, an exciting speaker series and a targeted intervention in 35 secondary schools across the UK, we hope to dispel the 'men-in-lab-coats' myth of Physics and show young people a world beyond what they know. Working with specialists, we will also deliver teacher training and resources to help bring Physics to life in the classroom.


Future First Infinity is our first-ever subject-specific programme promoting the endless possibilities associated with the study of PHYSICS.  

Launching in September 2022, Future First Infinity will use Future First’s proven model combining alumni networks and teaching resources to inspire a new cohort of students to study physics beyond GCSE. Thanks to funding support from our partners, we can offer this programme to a limited number of UK secondary schools for just a fraction of the usual cost. 

The aim of Future First Infinity is to grow the number of pupils – particularly girls and those from other under-represented groups – that choose to study physics beyond GCSE level.

Studying physics at A-level opens up a world of opportunities for young people. Not only does it offer a pathway into any number of satisfying, well-paid jobs, it also delivers important life skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving abilities and a deeper understanding of the world around us. These are skills that will help to set young people up for life, no matter what career path they ultimately take.

If your school wants to take advantage of this heavily-discounted programme of engagement for your students and teachers, please email naomi.barker@futurefirst.org.uk


Are you a Physics graduate or an apprentice currently working in a Physics-related field? Have you embarked on a career that required the study of Physics at A-level? Do you love Physics? Does your knowledge of Physics help you to make sense of the world around you? Does your understanding of key Physics principles help you make decisions? Would you recommend the study of Physics to others?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to one or more of these questions, then WE NEED YOUR HELP!!

At Future First, we are launching an exciting new programme of activity that aims to inspire more young people – particularly girls and other groups that are under-represented in STEM subjects – to study Physics beyond GCSE.

As part of this, we are building a network of state school alumni who are willing to be role models for students who are currently in Years 8 and 9 and are making choices about subjects to take at A level. We want to show these young students that studying Physics can open up a world of opportunity for them, whether they ultimately choose a career path in a physics-related field or not.

Role models are so important as a way of giving young people new ideas and showing them that things can be different. And while we need the high-profile, celebrity names that can inspire pupils to dream big, we also need more accessible role models, those that pupils can reach out and touch, and help them believe that they too can achieve great things. That’s where you come in!

There are lots of ways you can be involved, so submit your story to us….

  • Write a short blog about your job and why you love it
  • Send us a picture of yourself at work
  • Let us interview you about your study of physics and where it has taken you
  • Record a short video explaining what you are working on at the moment
  • Join our social media campaign #FFInfinity and share your story
  • Help teachers to run workshops at local schools
  • Talk to your employer about providing work experience placements or running open days for local pupils.

We want to create a library of online and offline materials such as posters, postcards, web pages, films, blogs, articles, lesson plans and more, that schools can use to encourage pupils to think differently about physics.

If you can do this, register on the Future First Infinity Network here.

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