Planet Possibility Physics Workshops

  • Future First
  • Nov 23 2022

These fully-funded 1 hour CPD sessions are being run online by Physics Partners in partnership with Future First. Science teachers from any school are welcome to join.


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Enhancing Your Physics Teaching for FREE

We have a range of CPD aimed at specialist and non-specialist science teachers to help you enhance your practice. These are 1 hour sessions designed to explore the curriculum idea and spark new ideas in your practice. Topics include:

  • Radioactivity
  • Waves
  • Forces
  • Earth and Space
  • Energy
  • Electricals
  • GCSE Practicals 

And much more! They are all completely free and online; so you can join in from anywhere. Please register here.

Exploring Physics Careers

If you need to ignite your students' imagination about Physics careers but don't know where to start, then these sessions are for you. Packed full of tips and tricks to help you bring the world of opportunities that studying physics could open for your students.

These online sessions will cover:

  • What is Physics and why should we promote Physics careers?
  • Where can Physics study take you?
  • Embedding Physics career in the curriculum
  • Gender Representation and Unconscious bias in Physics

These are FREE and suitable for teachers and careers leaders of all levels. Register here.