Connect Physics Workshops

  • SEPnet
  • Jun 21 2022

SEPnet (South East Physics Network) has created a set of three workshops for Key Stage 3 science students.


About the Connect Physics Workshops

These SEPnet workshops answer the following questions:

  • What is physics?
  • Why do physics?
  • How do we do physics?

The workshops are suitable for students of all science abilities. The workshops encourage students to think of the bigger picture through connecting different ideas, such as topics from KS3 science, the latest physics research or their everyday lives. 

They are able to find out about careers that are available after studying physics and they are given a chance to develop their skills using the scientific method and the peer-review process by tackling an open-ended problem with no given solution.

Download Workshops

Details on each of the three workshops can be downloaded by clicking the link below:

Connect Physics Teacher’s Guide

If you are looking to deliver the workshops, SEPNet requests that you please register as a user here.