The Mystery Tube

  • SEPnet
  • Jun 21 2022

Make your own mystery tube! You will need two people - one to be the maker and another to be the investigator. The investigator needs to try and work out what is inside the tube!


About the Mystery Tube activity

This fun activity for school students has been created by SEPnet (South East Physics Network)

Students can complete this at home or in the classroom with a partner. 

This activity follows a simplified version of the scientific method. In order to investigate something scientifically, we begin with an observation (how the strings move) and a guess as to how it might work (our hypothesis). We can then test our hypothesis against the real-world and if it matches reality, our hypothesis might be correct!

Mystery Tube Resources

The instructions for the task and the worksheet can be accessed by clicking the links below:


Instruction Sheet

Instruction Video