Physics Careers Advice

What is a career in physics?

You've probably studied physics at school, but how can you actually have a career in physics? Here you will find all of the key information about what a career a physics really is, how you can get started and what types of jobs require physics skills and qualifications.

Physics Careers

This is your opportunity to discover the multitude of career paths you can explore within the world of physics, from space and climate science to robotics, photonics and law.

Jobs in Physics

Take a detailed look at the different physics jobs you can have. Read these job descriptions to gain a better understanding of what each job entails, the responsibilities you'll have, the skills you'll need and who might employ you.

Studying Physics

Find out what to expect when it comes to studying physics at school, at university and beyond. If you're considering studying physics at the next stage of your education journey, these articles will help you understand if a physics course is right for you.

Physics Apprenticeships

University is not for everyone and a degree is by no means essential for aspiring physicists. Find out everything you need to know about physics apprenticeships and how to take an alternative route to achieve your career goals.

Resources for Teachers

Useful resources to help science teachers and careers advisers explain how the curriculum connects to different career options within the world of physics.