The Blair Project


Founded in 2014 by two Black teenagers, Nile and Blair Henry, The Blair Project is a trailblazing motorsport STEM education provider based in Manchester, which is transforming the lives of disadvantaged youth. Careers are the golden thread running throughout our activities.

About The Blair Project

As a black-led organisation, the Blair Project specialises in supporting Black Asian and Minority Ethnic youth to become the scientists, innovators, technicians, engineers and entrepreneurs needed to tackle climate change. Diversity and inclusion is our passion!.

School and college teams compete in our ProtoEV STEM Challenge to turn used petrol go karts into fully electric e-karts which they get to test and race to see which is the fastest and most energy efficient. Students gain hands on understanding of the physics underpinning electric vehicle propulsion systems, aerodynamic forces, battery technologies and data analytics. 

In a world where global challenges, climate change and advances in technology are rapidly changing the way we travel, work, and live, the physical sciences are at the heart of this transformation. Through leveraging the exhilaration and excitement of ProtoEV, we aim to make physics more appealing to Black, Asian and Minority ethnic youth to increase uptake. 

Planet Possibility BAME STEM Club

Our online BAME Physics Club, Connect Create and Belong will provide safe spaces for science and tech geeks of colour to engage with others like themselves, feel less isolated, and overcome peer pressure that physics isn’t cool. 

These interactive activities will bring physics to life through providing tinkering and hands-on experimentation to embed understanding of the forces that underpin modern technological advances which govern the world we live in. We’ll also grow the understanding and awareness of their parents, carers and the wider public about the relevance of physical sciences to everyday life and the critical role it plays in solving global challenges.

We’ll open up a window to a vast array of career opportunities through engaging TikTok physics videos, inspirational talks from role models of colour, a bi-monthly See Me Be Me podcast hosted by Nile and Blair Henry, and industry visits to leading employers to broaden horizons and deepen understanding of the range of existing and emerging careers.

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