Limit Less

Physics teaches young people to understand and solve complex problems. Not just on paper. Not just in theory. The kind of problems that exist everywhere in the world, waiting to be solved. There are no limits to what can be achieved with physics.

Unfortunately, some young people are put off by the misconceived ideas they are told about what physics is. Others are denied the opportunity to study physics due to the prejudice and stereotypes that they experience because of who they are. Many girls are told that physics is more suited to boys, and both girls and boys are told that physics is not for the likes of them based on their ethnicity, their sexual orientation, their disability and their social background.  

As a result, too many young people are made to feel that they can’t do physics, or they just don’t fit in.

This is a problem because when young people are deterred from studying physics, they are missing out on the many benefits that studying physics brings. 

Crucially, they are also being denied the opportunity to explore how their world works and contribute to shaping their future as informed citizens.

To support young people to change the world, we need to limit less and support them more.

No young person should be made to feel locked out of physics. Help the IOP ensure that there are no limits on who can take part.

This campaign is not directly aimed at young people themselves. Instead, it is aimed at those whom younger people trust and listen to, and who help shape their opinions and decisions. 

The IOP is doing this by campaigning in the “spaces” where young people are exposed to these different influences – in their homes and communities, their schools, and in the media and social media.