Aircraft Certifying Technician Job Description

  • Helena Kudiabor
  • Jun 28 2024

Working as an aircraft certifying technician (also known as an aerospace engineering technician) allows you to play a crucial role in the safe and effective operation of aircraft. This work is crucial to ensure pilots and passengers are kept safe. Interested in a career like this? This article will tell you everything you need to know about how to succeed in this field.


What is an aircraft certifying technician?

An aircraft certifying technician is someone who tests, maintains and repairs aircraft. Working with commercial and military aircraft is a key part of this career, but these professionals can also repair helicopters, satellites or even blimps and hot air balloons. Aircraft certifying technicians may choose to specialise in a particular type of aircraft, or focus on a specific part of the aircraft (i.e frame, aviation software, electrical systems, wings, engine). 

What exactly does an aircraft certifying technician do?

Day to day responsibilities include:

  • Inspecting and servicing communication, electrical and other aircraft systems
  • Constructing and installing engines, landing gear and other aircraft components
  • Testing newly installed equipment
  • Maintaining existing systems, and collaborating with engineers to fix any faults
  • Using computer-aided design (CAD) software to design new manufacturing parts
  • Filling in safety documentation, maintenance logbooks and other paperwork.

What skills do you need to be successful in this role?

Working with your hands is an important part of this role, as the repair and maintenance work you’ll be doing is very hands-on. Similarly, logical thinking and reasoning is crucial, so you can methodically think through solutions to technical faults.

Finally, team-working skills are key, as a core part of this role is collaborating with engineers and other technical staff. 

Who employs aircraft certifying technicians?

As an aircraft certifying technician, you could be employed by the government or military, commercial airlines, aircraft manufacturers or another private company. Many are even employed at theme parks, given that the basic principles that apply to aircraft maintenance are often transferable to theme park rides and roller coasters. 

How can I become an aircraft certifying technician?

Hopefully this article has helped you realise just how important this role is; without aircraft certifying technicians the entire aviation industry would ground to a halt! So, how do you enter the field?

There’s a variety of options. A degree or college course in engineering (general, mechanical, electrical or aerospace) will give you the skills needed to apply for an entry-level role. Similarly, the new engineering T levels are great for post-16 students to gain practical experience in the field, and figure out whether engineering is something you’d like to pursue long-term. 

There are also a number of apprenticeship opportunities in the sector, such as the Level 3 Engineering Technician Apprenticeship (equivalent to two A-levels) and the Level 4 Engineering Manufacturing Technician Apprenticeship (equivalent to a foundation degree).

Best of luck on your career journey!