Scientific Sales Consultant Job Description

  • Helena Kudiabor
  • Oct 05 2022

As a scientific sales consultant, you’ll use your scientific expertise to sell scientific products (prescription drugs, medical equipment) to businesses. You’ll work to increase the usage of your company’s products, answering queries and providing advice to customers.


What is a scientific sales consultant?

Scientific sales consultants work in B2B (business-to-business) sales. They work for a company producing products like medicines, prescription drugs and medical equipment, and work to sell these products to a range of customers. Typical customers include: GPs, doctors and nurses, and pharmacists, making them an important link between medical companies and healthcare professionals. Most scientific sales consultants specialise in a specific geographical area (known as a territory), and specialise in a particular product.

What are the typical responsibilities of a scientific sales consultant?

The process of selling products typically involves: connecting with possible customers, identifying their medical needs, convincing them that your products (not your competitors) are the best products for their needs, finishing the sale by finalising terms and conditions, and providing support and advice after the product has been sold. General responsibilities include: arranging appointments with medical teams (either pre-arranged appointments or ‘cold’ calling), organising conferences for medical staff, making presentations, meeting and potentially exceeding sales targets and monitoring your competitors’ activity.

What skills do I need to be a successful scientific sales consultant?

Excellent communication and persuasion skills are paramount to convince potential customers to buy your product. Confidence and determination is also vital, as well as perseverance. There will be times when a potential customer refuses to buy your product, but you’ll need to chalk it up to experience and focus on the next sale. Networking skills are also important, as well as the ability to self-motivate. Finally, a creative mind and organisational skills are essential, to create a convincing sales pitch.

What is the life of a scientific sales consultant like?

There are plenty of travel opportunities, with many scientific sales consultants spending much of their day travelling to and from clients. You may also need to stay away overnight, or attend client conferences in the evening. Although most of the travel will be within the UK, there might be opportunities for overseas travel with multinational companies.

How do I become a scientific sales consultant?

If your role involves selling complex scientific products, you’ll need a qualification in a STEM subject. However, a business or marketing qualification can be useful, accompanied by knowledge of the industry. It’s also possible to enter the profession without a degree, via a sales apprenticeship or working your way up from entry-level (assistant) positions. Given the travel requirements, a full driving licence is required by the majority of employers.