Planet Possibility: How can we support your school?

  • Christina Astin
  • May 05 2023

The aim of Planet Possibility is to improve diversity and widen opportunities in physics. But how can we help your school?


Future First: bringing physics careers to life in the classroom

1. Infinity game: careers inspiration for any age

Take the quiz and explore physics jobs that might be for you: Great for students and adults - free for all to play as often as you like!

2. Infinity Programme: a subsidised programme for your school

  • Access to a network of physics alumni to inspire current students
  • Bespoke multimedia content showcasing alumni and other relatable physics role models
  • Full access to Future First’s expert support, guidance, facilitated workshops, careers information and tailor-made
  • resources
  • Links with relevant local and national employers who can offer vocational opportunities for students
  • Wraparound support for teachers through provision of specialist teacher CPD

Age: 11-16

Cost & reach: £500 over two years (teacher support is free – see below); UK-wide

Find out more: Email Naomi ( or visit the Future First website

Physics Partners: FREE workshops for teachers

1-hour online CPD sessions run by Physics Partners in partnership with Future First. Science teachers from any school are welcome to join. There are 10 topic-based sessions and 4-career based sessions, repeated each term until July 2024.

Cost & reach: FREE; UK-wide

Find out more: Visit the Physics Partners website to find out more and book onto sessions.

Lightyear Foundation: breaking down barriers to disabled children in STEM

Physics Lightyear Labs are open to up to 6 student ‘researchers’ in special schools for a 4-week programme of online exploratory sessions. The students learn to work scientifically in practical science and life skills to increase confidence in practical physics, make predictions, develop resilience and solve problems. These unique sessions upskill SEN teachers in physics too.

Age: 11-16 in special schools (and teachers)

Cost & reach: FREE; UK-wide

Find out more: Email Emma ( or visit the Lightyear Foundation website

The Blair Project: specialising in STEM inspiration for young people

1. Our STEM Truck can visit your school or event

The STEM truck activity days provide engaging and educational experiences for young people to learn more about Physics careers and the science that underpins them, by exploring the physics of motorsport through materials, power and aerodynamics.

Age: 11-18

Cost & reach: £255 half-day, £460 full day, North West of England.

Find out more: You can book a visit here or email for further details.

2. Connect Create Belong: Online Physics Club

Our online Physics Club provides a safe space for young people to expand their knowledge of physics. Divided into 20 hour-long sessions, the curriculum covers topics such as Astronomy, Energy, Forces, Earth and Materials. We demonstrate interactive experiments you can do at school or from home and there are Q&A sessions with guest experts, chosen as relatable role models.

Age: 11-16

Cost & reach: FREE; UK-wide

Find out more: You can sign up for a Physics Club here or email for further details.

3. Proto EV – Convert petrol to electric in this STEM challenge

Teams of young people convert petrol go-karts into high powered electric karts which they test and race, competing for the highest speed and energy efficiency. The Proto EV STEM Challenge excites young people about the electrification of transport, aerodynamics, design and manufacture and equips them with core employability and business skills.

Age: 11-18

Cost & reach: variable – please email for more info

Find out more: Email to find your nearest competition or visit The Blair Project website.

4. Tik Tok – 1 minute Physics videos

We release a minute-long physics video on Tik Tok every week: fun experiments that you can do at home or mini-stories about concepts within physics or historical figures within the subject. Ideal for showing in physics lessons.

Age: any age

Cost & reach: FREE; worldwide

Find out more: Access these over on Tik Tok @getmemotoring


University of Birmingham and University of Southampton

Our university partners are delivering work placements and school engagement projects to widen access to physics.

Find out more: If you are a school within reach of Birmingham, contact Joanna ( to find out more about the support available from the University of Birmingham Physics Champions.

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