Cool Physics Jobs

  • Helena Kudiabor
  • Sep 06 2023

Physics is responsible for so many amazing things in our universe: from skyscrapers to X-rays. Thus, a career in physics would allow you to work on projects that could make a substantial difference to the world we live in. Here are some of the coolest physics jobs!


Robotics / AI Engineer

There are so many jobs that are currently too monotonous or dangerous for humans, or are suffering from labour shortages. As a result, many industries (construction, culinary) are looking to automate some of their roles. This is where robotics and AI (artificial intelligence) engineers come in. These individuals design, test and troubleshoot robots and AI programmes, to ensure they are as effective and safe as possible. Imagine if a construction robot malfunctioned and made an entire building come crashing down! With the rise of automation, a range of industries are seeking robotics and AI engineers.

A career as a game developer or designer allows you to help bring new games to life. Game designers take control of the creative side of the game, fleshing out storylines (as you progress, you’ll be able to create games based on your own ideas), build prototypes, and refine them for optimal gameplay. Game developers are responsible for the technical aspects, developing systems that allow the game to run (utilising different programming languages), rewriting code where necessary, and troubleshooting technical issues. With the wide range of games on offer today (from consoles to augmented reality), there are so many different career opportunities. 

Medical Physicist 

Medical physicists apply their knowledge of physics to the medical sector, by researching, designing, developing, testing and troubleshooting new medical equipment. Although physics and medicine may not seem related, physics is responsible for so many different medical technologies, such as X-rays, CT scans and MRIs. The equipment medical physicists work on aims to ensure earlier diagnosis and earlier treatment of illnesses, as well as reducing any side effects associated with treatment.

Research Physicist 

If you’re interested in research and making new discoveries, you’ll enjoy a career as a physicist. Physicists work in an area of physics they’re interested in (from robotics to astronomy) and work to find answers to unsolved questions. To do so, they design and carry out experiments, taking into consideration existing research, ethical considerations, and their expertise. Once this data is analysed, there’s the opportunity to present your findings in conferences and journals. Who knows, you could end up making a discovery that changes the way we see the world? 

There are so many other cool physics jobs out there, with so many entry routes available, from apprenticeships to PhDs! Explore tons of other physics jobs here.